Garden Rooms


Garden Rooms

A garden room is a perfect example of functionality whilst keeping things simple. A garden room can easily be turned into just about anything you could wish for or need and is the ultimate place to wine and dine with friends, from outdoor dining rooms to barbecue huts. Or a wooden garden room can offer additional accommodation for an overcrowded home. Make the most of your new wooden garden rooms even in the colder winter months. You can quickly transform your space into anything from a garden home office to a home yoga studio or a child’s playroom.

Garden rooms give you a lot of value and features that are sure to enhance your backyard living:

  1. Multi-functionality: Garden rooms like Romie 70 offer versatility, functioning as outdoor lounges, entertainment areas, garden offices, or guest suites​​.
  2. Quality Materials: These structures are made from high-quality Nordic/Baltic Spruce, ensuring durability and longevity​​​​.
  3. DIY Options: Many products are designed for self-assembly, perfect for those who enjoy DIY projects. For those less inclined, professional installation services are available​​.
  4. Hassle-free Delivery: The company offers professional and reliable delivery services, handling every step from transportation to placement on your property​​.
  5. Design and Build Features: Our models include a DIY kit, closed shell, internal walls, doors, and windows. Roofing cover and rain gutters are available as extras​​.
  6. Aesthetic and Practical Design: With large windows and an open patio area, the design allows you to enjoy nature while being sheltered. The flat roof and Nordic spruce construction add to its aesthetic appeal and practicality​​.

Along with our superb garden rooms, we’ve got a great selection of sheds, saunas, garages, tiny homes, and sleepouts to fully kit out your outdoor space!

Why Choose Garden Rooms from Gardenhouse24

There are so many reasons why you would choose a wooden garden room to create your extra-special space.

The most common wood type of wood used is Nordic/Baltic Spruce (Picea-Abais) but Baltic Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) may be used on specific models. Both are soft woods that grow in cold climates in northern Europe. They are dense-growth trees with 6 to 8 times the growth rings than that of standard (SPF) spruce, pine or fir. Spruce has a tighter grain with smaller knots than Pine, but both are easy to mill and lightweight.

Gardenhouse24 products come with a 5-year anti-rot warranty, which starts from the moment your item leaves our door. Any seal failure in glass and hardware, splitting of wall logs or defective components will be covered – ensuring you get years’ worth of use out of anything we make for you!


Get your log house delivered straight to you! Our in-stock items arrive within 2-4 weeks and our factory-shipped products take around 10-12 weeks – giving plenty of time for planning ahead. 


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