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75 Years of Excellence at Gardenhouse24!

As we mark the 75th anniversary of our esteemed factory, we reflect on the remarkable journey that has taken our garden houses to over 17 countries. From England, Ireland, the USA, Australia and beyond, we’ve had the honor of enhancing the lives of people in diverse corners of the world. With an impressive 200,000+ units sold, our commitment to quality remains unwavering, as we maintain full control over the entire manufacturing process, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring top-notch products.

At Gardenhouse24, we are driven by experiences and embrace diversity wholeheartedly. Our passion lies in crafting the perfect garden house for every need, catering to various tastes and requirements. From simple pavilions and sheds to multi-story log houses, we have meticulously designed over 470 different garden house models. With such a vast array of choices, there’s something to suit everyone’s unique vision and preferences.

Our dedication to in-house manufacturing allows us to uphold the highest standards while delivering exceptional value to our valued customers. With no compromises on quality, we can offer the best prices, making our garden houses accessible to a wide audience.

Explore our extensive range of garden house models and let your imagination take root:

Wooden buildings to suit every outdoor requirement.

Gardenhouse24 provides customers with Nordic-quality wooden products that enhance every backyard.

Experience matters

Gardenhouse24 covers the whole range of timber house production – from sheds, garden houses, and log houses to prefab homes and saunas. You won’t find anyone with more passion and diverse experience in creating wooden products, which shows our results. Our products are mostly from Estonia, a country with the highest volume of exported wooden buildings per capita globally.

Why should you trust us to deliver the perfect product for you?

We have a standard of excellence both in manufacturing and customer service. Our goal is to provide a full suite of services, from sales to delivery and assembly.

With our carefully selected optional extras (and plenty of features included as standard), you should always be able to find products with suitable styling and functionality.

That’s why we are continuously improving and widening our available range of buildings.

We offer fast delivery with specialist delivery available on request. The delivery itself takes 2-4 weeks for items in stock and up to 90 days for products made to order.

  • Wide Range of Products – We want to make sure that we always have a variety of timber products available, both for private and business customers.
  • Delivery And Installation – We offer speedy delivery and have a skilled installation team that can turn a flat pack of details into a high-quality garden room.
  • Extensive Experience – We have over 70 years of experience in timber house production.
  • A standard of excellence

We strive for perfection in everything we do. That’s why we manufacture a large volume of doors, windows, stairs, terraces, and railings in-house. We also collaborate with the best manufacturers in the business to provide unique compact designs for terrace doors and the world’s leading manufacturer of sauna heaters to provide the best possible experience.

We can sleep in peace because our products last for decades. That is partially down to innovative designs and high-quality, FSC-certified suppliers. But the secret ingredient is slow-growing Nordic timber that is durable by design and perfect for building every wooden product, from playhouses to multi-story log houses.

Need a wooden product that is built to last? We are your best bet!

Discover how we manufacture Nordic quality timber products!

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